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New Years

It is that time of year again. 2011 is rapidly coming to an end and 2012 is almost here. 2011 has been a pretty good year for me; I started a new job in my field, I got engaged, I finished some pretty awesome knit objects. I had some goals for 2011 I didn’t stick to, as tends to happen all the time.

One of my goals was to do a little destash in the yarn I have in my house and my parents’ house. I have gone through the containers I had in my house and managed to empty one completely; I put all the yarn I knew I would never use into big garbage bags and dropped it off at Goodwill for someone else to take advantage of. I haven’t gone through the stuff at my parents’ house yet but that is still on my list of things to do eventually. It’s not as pressing because they aren’t as concerned about space, whereas we need all the space we can get right now.

Another goal was to keep exercising. Sadly that has completely stopped now. Due to the hectic schedule of the end of 2011 my mom has stopped going to aquafit and thus I have also stopped going. I have let my Wii programs slide to the point of being non-existent now.

So as you can see I had some success and some failures for 2011, but that’s ok! 2012 is a whole new year, a whole new chance to start over again and this time I have new goals, better goals, than before.

So here are my 2012 New Years Resolutions!

First I plan to knit from my stash as much as possible. Sometimes someone requests a project that I just can’t complete with what I have on hand so I go get what I need for that individual project. Last year I did a lot of buying for specific projects. That means I have yarn for 3 sweaters for myself, lots of socks for me and others, lots of baby stuff (and since there is another baby coming to my family I will need some baby stuff), stuff for a blanket for my cousin, and then I have all the stuff I have acquired over the last couple years that aren’t intended for something in particular but that I can use for things. I have the Big Book of Knitted Monsters by Rebecca Danger and have a serious love of these monsters so I plan to knit a bunch of them. The great thing about this book is you can really use any yarn, any size, that you want to make the monsters.

A big goal for this year is to start planning my wedding. So far we haven’t really planned or even discussed anything about it. He says that he has done his job and the rest is up to me, but we’ll see about that. He has to have an opinion on at least some things!

Another big goal is to try to do some actual budgeting. My weekend retail job pays every 2 weeks, direct deposit, and my other job pays weekly by check. I need to start keeping track of what I’m spending and dividing each pay up into chunks. Some for my fiance for bills and groceries, some for my credit card, and some for my line of credit. I really need to get these debts moving along because I have no desire to be paying this off for the rest of my life. Some of my money also needs to be out away for the wedding, a house, a car, stuff like that. As it is I spend too much on lunches (such as Subway every day) and junk I don’t need. My yarn ‘diet’ should help matters since I won’t be spending very much on yarn this year.

Another big goal is to keep on top of housework. I started making a weekly schedule for cleaning, a couple things a day based on my work schedule. I let it slide when I got my new job and was working full time. Once the holidays are over and I’m back to work I need to start my schedule again so that things are getting done. Along with this is cooking, I don’t cook very much but I really need to learn and keep up with it. I made a few meals for us this year but only a couple and then it also slid when I got the new job. Now that I should be adjusting to the new job I really do need to get back to doing more cooking and cleaning.

For now that is my list of resolutions for 2012.


Quick Update

Last time I posted about the possibility of a new job. Yesterday they called me but I wasn’t home so I called back this morning and they asked me to come for an interview this afternoon. I went to the interview and an hour after arriving I was offered the job. This couldn’t have happened at a better time.

Imaginary Voice

No, not of the “the voices in my head tell me to burn things” variety.

Now, I don’t know if anyone else is like this at all but… oh well.

So last night as I was trying, in vain, to get to sleep I had all these thoughts bouncing around my skull. Just normal things like what I had to do the next day after work, the fact that I had to go to work in the morning, what I had done during the day, all kinds of random and infuriating thoughts. My thoughts tend to take on a voice, usually it’s my own voice, or what I think my voice sounds like, but every once in a while it takes on a different voice. If I’m reading, for example, I’ll read narratives how I imagine that characters voice might sound. If I see a picture of someone with a distinctive voice then I’ll get that voice stuck in my head and it will be what I think in. Last night was weird though… I have been watching the appendices from the Lord of the Rings extended edition box set and they’re very interesting. One thing is that there are lots of voices… lots of nice voices, actors, authors, producers, screenplay writers, directors, makeup, you name it, there’s a person that talks. A lot of the people have accents and accents are always pleasant to listen to.

So last night as I’m trying to sleep and I’m thinking and thinking and thinking about everything my “voice” (the one in my head) takes on the voice of one specific person from these discs. It was… Billy Boyd… Of all the people that I heard talking, and all the voices I liked listening to (of note here is a guy that is part of the Weta Workshop who has a perfect documentary voice) my brain apparently chose Billy Boyd and so my thoughts of cleaning and work and everything else became Billy Boyd talking in my head. I have to say, it was weird and funny.

And that is my random thought for the day…

Day 2 – No Pop

Today is my second day of my goal of not drinking any more pop. Last night we went out for dinner and I didn’t know what to have so I chose juice. It was pretty good, it felt very different to be drinking juice with my fries instead of pop. Today I had lunch from the fast food place I go to when I’m working and had juice again. I’m really feeling like I can do this no pop thing and it’s exciting. I’m still waiting for the “no caffeine” headaches I know are coming my way. I’ve had them before and they are brutal, but I will cope with them!

Making a change

So since I can remember clearly I have prefered to drink pepsi over everything else. I don’t drink a lot of water, juice, or milk. Yesterday I decided that I was going to give up pop today. No more pepsi or coke. I’m going to drink water and juice instead. My hope is that by cutting out pop and adding juice and water in it’s place I’ll start to feel a lot better.

I’ve wanted and tried to do this before but I never told anyone of my intentions so when I gave in to temptation I never had anyone to answer to. I made the declaration to my boyfriend yesterday and I’ve posted about it on Ravelry. Day 1: Feeling motivated.

Bad Dream

Why is it that when you have a bad dream and you wake up your brain takes a while to get over it? I’ve woken up from dreams and after I thought about it, I’ve started to cry. Well, this morning I woke up from a dream feeling very angry at my boyfriend.

Ok, so here’s the dream.

I was looking at job ads trying to find a new job and I found one for a new daycare opening up in the back of a bar for people to drop their children off at before they go partying. I went to talk to the person that placed the ad at her other job, which was a music store. I spoke to her and her immediate reaction was that I couldn’t handle it. Confused, I asked her coworker why she would say that. It was explained to me that part of the job description is working in the bar every once in a while should you not be needed with the children. I left feeling pretty upset and told my boyfriend about it, he didn’t respond. We went for a drive in a black SUV and started talking about the bears being back in the area soon because the Salmon would be coming bac soon. Then we looked over to the forest beside the car and saw bears standing along the stream catching salmon as far as the eye could see. My boyfriend commented that we wouldn’t be going out in that area very much for a while. During this car ride he was being a huge jerk. He kept making fun of me, snearing at me, hitting me, and just being really mean. No matter how much I pleaded with him he wouldn’t stop any of it.

I continued the search for a new job and the person from the new daycare approached me and said she was wrong and that she would like me as her second in command, meaning I wouldn’t ever need to work in the bar. We went and saw the centre which was being renovated to get more space. Then we went inside and had a meeting with all the staff, there were 5 of us sitting in this room. The owner explained that since I was actually an ECE that I would be working with her in the centre. The other people would get a chance on the days I couldn’t make it, since I already had another job that I hadn’t quit yet, there would be some chances coming up.

The next day we started work with the children. We started inside together, getting to know the children, then I took a group of children outside to play. I had to sign some children in on the attendance then the other girl came out with the rest of the children. Some children had been picked up and my boyfriend showed up in the black SUV. He grabbed one of the children and ran away. I chased after him, caught him, and started hitting him and trying to get the child back. I got the child back and the three of us climbed into the black SUV to go for a drive. He pulled over on the road near the daycare and I got out, carrying the child. As I was walking back to the centre I saw his mom waiting in the parking lot to pick him up. I looked at the other girl at the daycare and she nodded, confirming that it was this child’s mom. I asked him who was there and he smiled then when I handed him to her he started to cry. I figured I better tell her what heppened in case he had any bruises on his abdomen. I explained that someone grabbed him and ran but that I had chased him and got him back. The mom nodded and said okay and then left with the child.

My boyfriend and I went to a pizza place and each ordered half a pizza when I noticed a child behind the counter that I recognized. The pizza guy told me the child had been abandoned. I said I knew the child so he passed the child to my boyfriend. My boyfriend said he was giving the child to his mother and passed him to me. We took our pizza, and the child, and left.

Then the phone rang and I woke up.

After I dealt with the person on the phone my first thought was that could be a good idea (the daycare in the bar) then I thought I should tell my boyfriend who called for him but I decided I would rather go back to sleep because I was mad at him. I did text him eventually but even now, an hour after waking up from my dream, I still feel a little mad at him for everything. It makes no sense.

Learning to be Disrespectful

So while I was working today I saw something that made me annoyed.

This mom was walking through the mall with her children and one of them dropped a pile of stuff on the floor. (I think they were mall pamphlets.) The mom turned to see what happened and the child got all upset blaming it on her sister. Not that her sister made the mess but that her sister made her drop the stuff. What does mom do? Nothing. Walks away leaving the mess there for someone else to clean up.

I’m not a mother and I’m not proclaiming to be an expert when it comes to raising children but it doesn’t take a moron to realize that you have to teach children to be respectful. I find it very disrespectful to make a mess in a public place and then just leave it.