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Yarn U App Review

The other day I was given an opportunity to try out an app for iPhone and give feedback on here. The app is called Yarn U and it is essentially information about different yarns. You open it up and it presents a list of yarns. You can scroll through the list and if you pick a yarn it will tell you the weight, yardage, a couple pros and cons, and some information about the yarn. You can organize the list alphabetically by name or by fiber. You an also choose from a list and organize by a keyword.

As an example: I want to make cotton socks so I select fingering weight and set it to organize by fiber and then find the cotton section (which is at the top because it goes alphabetical) and then I can go through and find one I like and read about it. So I picked Comfy Fingering Weight. I open that up and it has a little paragraph about the yarn which mentions rising prices for cotton and some knitters being thrifty, then it talks about a knitter that likes the yarn and a pattern suggestion. After the paragraph it tells me the yarn is made by Knit Picks, it’s fingering and comes in 50 gram balls, the guage is 7-8 stitches/1 inch/US 1-3 Needles, the fiber content is 75% Pima Cotton and 25%acrylic, and there are 218 yards per. Next comes a list of pros and cons. So this one is inexpensive, machine washable, great colour selection, and terrific for cables, but it’s very stretchy so you’ll probably want to go down a couple sizes. 

I think this would probably be most helpful if you’re shopping for yarn and you have a pattern that specifies a certain yarn. You can compare the yarn in your pattern with other yarns in the store using the app and make an informed decision based on what the app tells you about the yarn.

I did notice that some yarns I have in my house were not listed in the database of yarns so there seems to be some work yet to do. Other than missing yarns, however, I quite enjoyed playing around with this app and reading about some different yarns and seeing how big the world of yarn really is!

Ok, I linked to the Apple store at the top of my post, but here’s the link again in case you missed it the first time. Yarn U


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