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Imaginary Voice

No, not of the “the voices in my head tell me to burn things” variety.

Now, I don’t know if anyone else is like this at all but… oh well.

So last night as I was trying, in vain, to get to sleep I had all these thoughts bouncing around my skull. Just normal things like what I had to do the next day after work, the fact that I had to go to work in the morning, what I had done during the day, all kinds of random and infuriating thoughts. My thoughts tend to take on a voice, usually it’s my own voice, or what I think my voice sounds like, but every once in a while it takes on a different voice. If I’m reading, for example, I’ll read narratives how I imagine that characters voice might sound. If I see a picture of someone with a distinctive voice then I’ll get that voice stuck in my head and it will be what I think in. Last night was weird though… I have been watching the appendices from the Lord of the Rings extended edition box set and they’re very interesting. One thing is that there are lots of voices… lots of nice voices, actors, authors, producers, screenplay writers, directors, makeup, you name it, there’s a person that talks. A lot of the people have accents and accents are always pleasant to listen to.

So last night as I’m trying to sleep and I’m thinking and thinking and thinking about everything my “voice” (the one in my head) takes on the voice of one specific person from these discs. It was… Billy Boyd… Of all the people that I heard talking, and all the voices I liked listening to (of note here is a guy that is part of the Weta Workshop who has a perfect documentary voice) my brain apparently chose Billy Boyd and so my thoughts of cleaning and work and everything else became Billy Boyd talking in my head. I have to say, it was weird and funny.

And that is my random thought for the day…



It’s been a long time since I wrote anything here. I was discouraged because part of the reason I wanted a blog was to link with Ravelry and write more about my projects and for some reason Ravelry was having a hard time finding the RSS feed. I tried and tried and tried and nothing worked! Well, now I’m happy again because I just gave it another try and it worked!!!

So what’s been going on since the last time I posted.

I’m still not drinking pop and it feels good, except my eating and excercise habits went wildly out of control and I’ve put on some weight. Not a whole lot, but for someone that’s always been as tiny as I have been, it’s a big change and it made me feel unhappy. My boyfriend and I are in the process of changing our habits and I’ve started daily excercise again.

I’ve knit quite a few things for quite a few people. One of my favourites was the Italy sweater I did for my boyfriend’s mom to take to a baby shower. It was a basic white raglan and I used duplicate stitch on top to make it somewhat resemble the italian hockey jersey. I did more duplicate stitch then I EVER want to do again!

Now that I have this linked to Ravelry hopefully I’ll keep on top of entries.