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Day 2 – No Pop

Today is my second day of my goal of not drinking any more pop. Last night we went out for dinner and I didn’t know what to have so I chose juice. It was pretty good, it felt very different to be drinking juice with my fries instead of pop. Today I had lunch from the fast food place I go to when I’m working and had juice again. I’m really feeling like I can do this no pop thing and it’s exciting. I’m still waiting for the “no caffeine” headaches I know are coming my way. I’ve had them before and they are brutal, but I will cope with them!


Making a change

So since I can remember clearly I have prefered to drink pepsi over everything else. I don’t drink a lot of water, juice, or milk. Yesterday I decided that I was going to give up pop today. No more pepsi or coke. I’m going to drink water and juice instead. My hope is that by cutting out pop and adding juice and water in it’s place I’ll start to feel a lot better.

I’ve wanted and tried to do this before but I never told anyone of my intentions so when I gave in to temptation I never had anyone to answer to. I made the declaration to my boyfriend yesterday and I’ve posted about it on Ravelry. Day 1: Feeling motivated.